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About Striking

1. Our Mission

Our Mission is to make designs economic value add, interactive and leave room forscalability.

2. Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a global solution provider for design and its implementation. We want to be one stop partner for quality designs and experiential marketing needs of any organisation. We want our designs to be one of its kind and speak for itself by leaving a global footprint.

3. Our Journey

For over 20 years, MIPL has been leading the market of design and interactive experiential design market. Under this umbrella we have multiple subsidiaries which perform as individual companies in providing distinguished services from innovating, designing, producing and implementing. We have been around in the industry through the design revolution and have been working hard to create futuristic designs.

4. Values and Philosophy

Customer first

Building relationships based on trust in the brand and making the brand look best is what MIPL believes in. We modify all work forms to fit your requirement and translate the design into reality.

Customer experience

Customer and business; employees and businesses connect in an escalated way. Only great experiences can translate these relationship into a strong business or brand language.

Our designers work with us and not for us, hence thriving to create tailor made designs for each brand that move the market and transform businesses. Customer is a part of the design creating process throughout. Through the constant interaction and feedback mechanism we work very closely with the customers and make the journey seamless.


Team work and mutual respect
Sharing the best support and resources to encourage collaborating and working. This is to ensure that the best outcome of creativity can be nurtured and captured.

Work ethics and integrity

Encouraging prompt and supporting the people to adopt to the positive work culture. Supporting the employees to practice being prompt and ethical in their approach.

Living, working and staying safe

Advocating on bell being at work and at home. Promoting healthy lifestyle to prevent ill health and be disciplined. We believe a happy employee translates into a happy workplace.

Eco friendly community

Ensuring on building a responsible community who empathises about the environment, efficiently use the resources and promote community driven best practices both at work place and at home. We practice and advocate sustainable development policy.

Our People

We at MIPL believe a company is its people. Our people work with us than working for us. We are excited about our people and want them to be the owners of their work in the ecosystem. Our simple 4 pointer policy sets the seal on the commitment that MIPL has the best workplace culture.

About Striking

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